FAQ'S about Custom Masks!

FAQ'S about Custom Masks!

FAQ'S about Custom Masks!


Do you make custom mask?

Yes, we do. Custom masks are masks that are not created yet. It can be a mask that you created the concept for and you need it to be crafted. Also, we can create some masks that are based on photos that you have, for example, if a relative, friend or someone had a mask and you need to make an extra mask to keep, you can request it and we can craft it.

How much for a custom mask?

Custom masks dont have the same price. One mask can be very simple and the design can be very clean and other masks can be really complex so the price may vary. Another thing is that not every mask is the same material. Some masks need to be crafted in bright materials,others in dark ones. Depending on the fabric the price can also vary. 

One more thing to consider is that your custom mask is made to last. We do not make custom masks in semipro materials. As we are commited to deliver only the very best products, we only make custom masks instead of makin spandex and semi personalized masks. This help us to keep the masks as serious as possible and to give you only the best long lasting items.

How long will it take me to receive my mask?

After we begin with the process of crafting the masks, we deliver it by an express service. It can take us up to 10 to 12 working days crafting your mask after the design is well discussed and formerly choosen. 

How do I begin the process to make a mask?

For us the most important is always to have an image for which we can work. It can be a photo, a drawing, an sketch or any visual reference that we can have. The more we have, the better. Sometimes is not enough with just downloading an image on facebook, we must also have a description about how you want the mask.

For it to be faster, is better if you reach us once you have a clear idea of what you want. We can make recommendations or sugestions but we should not decide how your mask is made because. It is yours! So please, before asking for the service of a custom mask be sure of what you would like 

Can you make a mask that has my logo or my company name?

Yes. We can craft a mask for you and make it have your logo. We can put your brand name on it or even a quote. Just let us know where and how on your mask do you want it to be.

How do I pay?

Your payment is directly done with Paypal. Paypal is one of the safest ways to pay and we are constantly looking to protect you. So if you are familiar with it, you will know that it is one of the best ways to pay online. 
We will let you know the quote and then after we agree on the making of the mask, you will receive a link to make the paymet.

Do you have any references?

For sure. There is a section in our store called CUSTOM MASKS AND PROJECTS. You can see there that we have some mask posted that are not for sale. Those are pictures of a few of our custom masks. Also, you can check our reviews of the store and of our masks. We have years already working on selling masks online, you can trust in us.


We think that these questions are the most common that we receive. Please, dont hesitate on cotacting us. If you need more help or you have any doubt let us know with a message.