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Based on 1228 reviews
Bull Semipro Wrestling Luchador Mask
KingBannZilla (Neptune City, US)
Bull Semi Pro Mask Review

Beautiful mask!The details are awesome!Solid mask i highly recommend this mask!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ YouTube video placeholder
Personalized custom mask
Sheriece Sowells (Farmington, US)
El Aracno jr

I was recommended to come to mr. Mask man and let me tell you. Best recommended decision i ever made. Affordable too. He helped me bring my iteration of lucha spiderman aka el aracno Jr to life. Definitely will come back for another update look and commissions.

25 Assorted Masks Pack
Ultimo Gallos (Brookhaven, US)

WOW got the order exttremely fast and this was during a ice/snnow storm in the area. Was told they would be at my place one day and 4 days before that I got the masks.

Well made masks and a good variety in the 25

La Park Red hood Mexican Pro Grade Luchador Mask
Terry (Windsor, US)
Excellent craftsmanship!

This is an excellent mask, very well made, great materials.Fast shipping. Thanks!

HOUSTON Texas Foam Mask NFL
Jeremy Chandler (Houston, US)
Luchador mask

This mask is awesome!!! I will be wearing it to every home game for the Texans from now on!!! It brings back so many memories of my childhood watching wrestling and cheering for my favorite luchador!!! Thanks Mr. Maskman you did an awesome job on my mask!!!

Histeria Semipro Wrestling Luchador Mask

This mask that I bought was a perfect gift for my friend. The mask fit perfectly and was not to snug. The mask was made very well and of great quality. If your hesitant on buying one don't be,being a person with an oversized head these fit perfect the adjustable strings at rhe back make it fit any one.

Renegade Semipro Wrestling Luchador Mask
Nickie Thomas (Brooklyn, US)
Very good mask.

I have this mask. Fits great. No complaints. I wore it for Halloween.

Mil Masks Shark Semipro Wrestling Mask
HotPlate4migo (Elgin, US)
caimán de florida

Y cuando me vio, se dio la vuelta y se alejó nadando. Pero cuidate amigo, resultados pueden variar.

The mask held together well through mud and dirt and grime and grass and cow ****, much better than the spandex masks and still looks gorgeous. 5/5.

Rey Devil Semipro Wrestling Luchador Mask
Michael Messina (Syracuse, US)

Mask is great come quickly and can't wait to wear it to the nj devils game!!!

Plata y oro

Usé esta máscara para Spartan Race por miedo a dañar el Semipro o superior. Funcionó bien, con algo de desgaste en los cordones más delgados, pero se durante 4 carreras. Los cordones se atan más apretados para cabezas más pequeñas que los semiprofesionales o profesionales. El oro de la máscara base desapareció con solo agua, pero creo que ahora se ve más genial. ¡Recuerda El Rey de la Plata!

I wore this mask for Spartan Race for fear of damaging a semipro or higher. It worked well even with thinner laces and has lasted 4 races. The thinner cord and cord reinforcement tie tighter to smaller heads like mine and worked in my favor, tying tighter than semipro or higher. The gold on the base of the mask wore off with water, but I think it looks cooler now (the appliqué still looks great!) REMEMBER SILVER KING!

5 Assorted Masks Pack
Frank perilla (Annapolis, US)

Mascaras de niño son perfecto. Me gustan. Mr. Mask Man es Numero uno en las ventas de mascaras. Gracias amigos.

Dos Caras Pro Grade Japanese Lame Fabric Mask
Henrik Sander (Oslo, NO)
Great mask

Well made and looks fantastic. And quick delivery.

Spider Spandex Luchador Mask
Kevin Wander (Farmington Hills, US)

This item was very small and did not fit. The product was good.

Day Of Dead Pro Grade Luchador Mask
R.Gonzalez (Dallas, US)
Awesome mask!

Very happy with purchase. The quality and detail are what you expect of a professional mask!!!

Shadow Pro Grade Luchador Mask
i.d.m. (Mountain View, US)

Mejor de lo q esperaba voy a seguir adquiriendo máscaras con ustedes muy buenas

La Sombra Semipro Wrestling Luchador Mask
Loucifer (Liverpool, US)
La Sombra black mask

Awesome quality! Thank you Mr. Mask Man

Titan Beast Pro Grade Luchador Mask
VaVa (Denver, US)
Esta mirándome…It stares at me

Con ojos huecos
¿Hiciste tus flexiones? ¿Dominadas?
¿Practicaste español?
¿Corriste baj’el sol?
¡Soy digno de una leyenda,
Una leyenda que no eres!

With hollow eyes
Have you done your pushups? Pull-ups?
Practiced Spanish?
Run under the sun?
Piss off!
I am worthy of a legend,
A legend you are not!

Wagner Pro Grade Luchador Mask
Best mask🤘🏽

I love it so much !!!! The material is outstanding can’t wait to buy an other pro mask from you guys!!

Tiger Mask Semipro Wrestling Luchador Mask
Tinos Tolos (Stoney Creek, CA)


Rey Misterio Tri-colored Semipro Wrestling Luchador Mask
F.Y. (Detroit, US)
Rey Mysterio mask

Great mask, super comfortable, looks great!!

Mascara Año 2000 Pro Grade Luchador Mask
James Kirwa (Providence, US)
Awesome material

Mask fits great i love it

Histeria Semipro Wrestling Luchador Mask
Steven Jones Jr (Independence, US)

Awesome mask. Better than I expected for the price!

Pentagono Semipro Wrestling Luchador Mask
Steven Jones Jr (Independence, US)

Great quality. Used expess shipping to get it in about 6 days.

100 Assorted Masks Pack
Joe (London, GB)
Really good

Really good communication, came way quicker than I expected . Perfect to make some extra £££ at the gimmick table

25 Assorted Masks Pack
Matt Pilton (Sydney, AU)

Masks shipping and arrival time was great! Was here in Australia to me within 5 days. Masks are great quality and a wide range
Thankyou! Will shop again!