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Amazing Mask!

This is the real deal! Being part of a Lucha group that performs, having a really high quality mask is incredibly important. The lycra allows this really amazing looking piece to fit my rather rotund head without sacrificing any quality. I will 100% be purchasing more masks from Mr. Maskman!

its ight

not the size and quality i wanted but for 15 bucks what do you expect, i keep in on a head for display

10 Pack Adult Masks

Items as described! Super fast five-day shipping and great selection of the masks worn by many masked men in wrestling then and now! Thanks!

First Time Buyer

The mask quality is exceptional, and I had a friend who’s an Indy pro wrestler give me his opinion of it ...he said it was better than the ones he wears. I am definitely buying from Mr. Maskman again. As a matter of fact, keep watching AEW and you’ll see me in my Pentagón mask in the front row. The mask is that good

Dragon Lee 1 Lycra Mexican Wrestling Lucha Libre Mask Luchador Halloween Costume
Dragon Lee Blue and white mask

Very good quality mask. Mister Mask best in the world

Wrong size

Mask is too big. You did not offer size options.

La Parka 8 Lycra Mexican Wrestling Lucha Libre Mask Luchador Halloween Costume

Killer mask!

Got this for my husband’s birthday (he had been wanting it forever, but was unwilling to part with the money). He was so happy he freaked out! He wore it to work and impressed—as well as frightened—his co-workers and bosses, lol. The mask is of high-quality workmanship and is worth every penny. My husband said it made him feel like a kid again and that it was probably the best present I ever got him.

Didn't receive anything yet

Didn't receive anything yet been weeks

Blue Panther Mask

Mask and t-shirt arrived on time and both fit, were free of tears.

Mistico 8 Lycra Mexican Wrestling Lucha Libre Mask Luchador Halloween Costume

Mistico 8 Lycra Mexican Wrestling Lucha Libre Mask Luchador Halloween Costume

Looks great

Great construction/symmetry. Sits well over the eyes. My 4 year old's head is 19"/48 cm around. The mask runs a bit small, as this one is pretty snug on him. I wouldn't really recommend this for older kids (unless they have small heads and short hair).

Great fit/quality

Good sizing, great quality. Great ink, symmetrical.

Great quality/construction

To get right to it, my head is 25"/63 cm around, and this mask fits me fine. Great stitching, awesome symmetry. My only issue (and this prob has more to do with my face) is that the mask face is a bit "long". AKA, the eyes and nose/mouth are a bit far apart, because the trim around both doesn't really allow them to be close enough. Still, it's such an awesome mask for the money, that tiny issue can be overlooked.

was very pleased with my order, exactly as advertised and very quick delivery. Would buy again without hesitation!

What fun!

Item is as described and in perfect condition. The mask is a little light, but I have a very large head. It would be perfect for those of a smaller stature. Professional transaction with the seller.

UNOFFICIAL NFL BALTIMORE RAVENS FOAM Mexican Wrestling Lucha Libre Luchador Mask Halloween

Ultimo Dragon 3 Lycra Mexican Wrestling Lucha Libre Mask Luchador Halloween Costume
Ultimo Dragon mask

Excellent quality, fast shipping, excellent addition to any lucha library!

Custom order 5stars

These guys work with you. I've spent well over $1,000 from here and will still continue to buy more. Even fast shipping to US

Huracan Ramirez 04 Lycra Mexican Wrestling Lucha Libre Mask Luchador Halloween Costume
Great quality.

I go around town with this mask and now everyone respects me. All the women love how it looks and they want to be with me. Thanks Mr.Mask Man you have changed my life for the better.This was the best purchase of my life.

Cara 3 Pro Grade Wrestler Level Wrestling Luchador Mask Halloween

The quality of the mask is incredible. I love this mask! The detail on this is amazing and it's comfortable too. I have a big head but the masks molds to your head and face perfectly. I'm going to be collecting Lucha libre masks from MrMaskMan. Thank you again!!


i have been a long time customer of Mr. Maskman and they have always taken care of me and i get my merchandise within good time. love the quality of the mask.



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