What is a mask?

What is a mask?

Where to buy a luchador mask? 

You can buy a luchador mask directly at mrmaskman.com Mrmaskman delivers masks worldwide. It is a store that crafts mexican luchador masks and exports to all the world.

What are the most famous masks in Mexican Lucha Libre? 

The most famous masks in mexican lucha libre are the masks of El santo. Other very famous mexican luchadors are Dr. Wagner, Mil Masks, Huracan Ramirez, Rey Misterio, La parka, El rayo de Jalisco, Mistico and many others.

What are the shipping costs?

Mrmaskman delivers masks all around the world. The shipping can be international or to the USA. The shipping costs for a mexican luchador mask is under 20 dollars or even cheapper!. It is going to depend on the country and the service that is chosen.

What materials are lucha libre masks made from?

The materials used to make lucha libre masks could be the next ones. Lycra, Spandex and sometimes polyester and other materials depending on the grade of the mask like patent leather, Sport pess and Japanese Lame.

Are lucha libre masks one size fits all or do they come in different sizes?

The masks come in one size and it can fit big heads. They can be worn by adults and we have a section for children where masks are smaller.

Do masks obstruct vision or breathing?

Masks don't obstruct breathing or vision. They are made specifically to allow you to breate and see propperly. While some of them also allow to eat and drink, some are closed but not uncofortable.

Are lucha libre masks customizable?

Yes. Lucha libre masks are customizable. They can be made from 0 and with a customized theme. It is easy to request for a mask, you just need a drawing and the concept of the mask and we can make you the personalized mask.

what is the price range of a mexican luchador mask?

the prices of the mexican luchador masks go from 2 dollars in the most affordable masks and in the bundles. From 40 dollars if you want a semipro mask. But the professional masks can go above 180 dollars depending on the designs, the uniqueness and rarity of them.

What are the different styles of lucha libre masks available?

The styles may vary depending on the luchador. The lucha libre mask styles can go from dark styles, colorful styles, traditional styles or any theme. The luchador mask have categories. They are affordable youth masks, Adult masks which have the Spandex, semipro, classic, professional and professional unique categories.

Do lucha libre masks come with warranties?

Mr Maskman is commited to deliver only the best masks for its clients. That is why it offers a 30 day guarantee of quality. That means that if a mask comes with something odd or out of place then you can safely return it before 30 days of receiving it.