El Solitario. A Better wrestler than El Santo?

El Solitario. A Better wrestler than El Santo?

El Solitario. A Better wrestler than El Santo?

El Solitario: The forgotten legend of Mexican wrestling

El Solitario was one of the most popular wrestlers in Mexico during the 1970s. He was known for his acrobatic skills, his charisma, and his rivalry with El Santo.

He was a gifted wrestler,  a master of aerial wrestling and submission holds, and he was able to perform moves that El Santo could not. That is why even when both figthers were extremely popular, some started to say that El Solitario was even better.

El Solitario was a charismatic performer. He had a larger-than-life personality and an aggressive style of wrestling that appealed to fans.

Added to that his rivalry with El Santo was one of the most intense in the history of Mexican wrestling, but talking about fame. This rivalry helped to elevate El Solitario's profile and make him a household name.

Some people even believe that El Solitario was more popular than El Santo. They point to the fact that El Solitario was a better wrestler and that he had a more charismatic personality.

Of course, there is no way to know for sure who was more popular. Both El Solitario and El Santo⚔️ were legends of Mexican wrestling, and they both had their own dedicated followings, but it helped that El Solitario was more relatable. He was seen as a working-class hero who fought for the underdog.

Of course, there are also arguments to be made for El Santo's popularity. He was a more iconic figure, and his mask of silver is one of the most recognizable symbols of Mexican wrestling. He was also more successful in terms of championships and box office revenue.

El solitario passed away because of a sickness. Some people believed that FISHMAN was responsible of a kick that made him die after a fight on the ring. But it was the wife of EL SOLITARIO who came out to tell everyone that it wasnot FISHMAN who made his husband die. It was a Sickness that he didnt attend on time.

Still, many old people in mexico remember the Solitario for taking the mask of DR WAGNER🤼‍♂️  Mabe if the time had mercy on him, he would have been known even more worldwide as an iconic figure of mexican culture.