From friends to Rival of El solitario!

From friends to Rival of El solitario!

From friends to Rival of El solitario!

There have been many wrestlers . Some of them with long carrers and some not. The story of this one is one of a man who begun very early in the lucha libre. 

Ángel Blanco en 2023 | Lucha libre, Imagenes de lucha libre, Lucha libre  mask

He Started as a small wrestler in some small arenas in Mexico and was sometimes the wrestler that would coer others if they couldn't fight or needed a replace. For some, this work would be bad. Nobody wants to be the second or the spare plug. But Angel Blanco took it as a teaching lesson and got stronger and smarter with each fitght. 

While he was still young he accepted a fight where he would cover Dr Wagner himself. And when he was presented, the commentator said that his name was White Angel. Title, that everybody embraced. Dr Wagner, was impressed and soon he and angel blanco became friends. But the white angel departed to search for his place on the rings, and so he fought in many arenas and new places. Thats how he got to know the enfermero. 

While he was with the enfermero he got one of his best tags eve but, it was until a few years later that he got the chance to fight together with his perfect partner, one that he already knew and he replaced, Dr wagner. 

Both were considered great partners in the ring, they had good skills and got to fight better together than alone. So their friendhip grew bigger. Later El Solitario got to be part of these 2 wrestlers, and they pushed into the arenas as the White Tie. The public loved them, but the charisma of The Solitario was above the 2 initial partners so, eventually he left to fight solo and he started a rivality with the ex partners. 

The Angel Blanco got famous and was ready to achieve a status of legend or a mythic fighter. But his carreer got a sudden end. 
Solitario y Ángel Blanco y su pacto de la muerte - Grupo Milenio
Something to know before coming to the end of angel blanco's carrer, is that even when he and solitario had a rivalry, they both were close friends outside of the ring. Even when things would heat on the arenas, they would support each other outside. So it was a shock for the angel when the solitario passed away.

Just 20 days after the death of el solitario, Dr wagner, Mano Negra, Jungla Negra and Angel Blanco where traveling from a match in direction to Monterrey, Mexico, the car where the wrestlers were crashed. Unfortunately, the angel blanco passed away in this accident. 

His legacy continued and he was well remembered among the fans who have kept him alive all this time. A very good story about a growing character and also a reminder of how if you work on something you may get to the top and even surpass your masters