Left the arena in arms and lost a mask!. Cien Caras vs Siglo XX

Left the arena in arms and lost a mask!. Cien Caras vs Siglo XX

Left the arena in arms and lost a mask!. Cien Caras vs Siglo XX

It was December 4, 1987, when a bloody fight took place, leaving everyone with questions and speculation. The Arena Mexico hosted a match where two wrestlers would put their masks on the line. The two wrestlers were Cien Caras and Siglo XX. Cien Caras was already at one of his best moments. His performance as a rude fighter was well-known, and that night nothing would stop him from being as savage as he could. On the other hand, Siglo XX was a technical wrestler who would have the chance to prove everyone how much he was worth.

As soon as Cien Caras entered the ring, he started the fight. He didn't even give Siglo XX a chance to get in. Cien Caras greeted the wrestler with punches and kicks as soon as they saw each other.

The battle began with a clear superiority and brutality from Cien Caras. It was like watching a warrior fight against an amateur. In the first minutes of the match, Siglo XX received a lot of hits that made him an easy prey for the punishment that Cien Caras was giving. The public was not happy. Cien Caras was hated for being too rude, but it was something that he would ignore. As time passed, Cien Caras kept the brutality and got the first fall.

Not happy with winning the first part of the match, he then bit and scratched Siglo XX, causing him to bleed. As an act of disrespect, Cien Caras went straight for the mask, causing it to be torn. However, the public started booing Cien Caras, and as he got angry at the public, Siglo XX got his chance and began punishing Cien Caras.

Siglo XX then took control of the ring and started a series of punches, grapples, and punishments on Cien Caras, who was caught by surprise. The public cheered for Siglo XX, who was at his second wind. He started tearing Cien Caras' mask as well, and they were both in the same condition. Siglo XX got his chance to weaken Cien Caras, and in a moment, the match turned in his favor.

Siglo XX then proceeded to take the fight to the air. He jumped from the ropes, and that made Cien Caras lose all control of the fight. It was clear that Siglo XX was very damaged from the first fall, as he was bleeding, but at the same time, his techniques were punishing the wild style of Cien Caras. He even slammed the face of Cien Caras into the posts, making the two wrestlers evenly matched.

Minutes passed as Siglo XX was getting revenge, and when both wrestlers were in the same energy, everything changed.

Cien Caras had an idea. It was clear that he wouldn't win if he let Siglo XX punish him with all those jumps, so the best idea he got was to punish Siglo XX with his own techniques. Cien Caras was no fool. All the time he was getting hit, he studied how Siglo XX would react next. Then, when Cien Caras could defend himself a bit, he turned the tables and countered Siglo on his own game. Cien Caras teased Siglo XX to jump at him. Siglo was so enraged that he couldn't see the trap. He jumped from the third rope, and Cien Caras simply avoided the hit, making Siglo XX hit himself with his own move.

Cien Caras simply got to the ring and waited. Siglo XX couldn't wake up from such a hit. The strategies that had given him the chance to win were now what buried him. The referee counted to 20 seconds. Siglo never woke up. Cien Caras celebrated in the top of the ring, demonstrating that he wasn't just muscle and rage, but also a clever fighter who let Siglo XX bury his own tomb.

Siglo XX had to be taken out of the arena by paramedics, but before that, Cien Caras took off his mask, revealing the wrestler's name as Jose Luis Perez Rodriguez from Guadalajara, Jalisco. That night, everyone was shocked. Not only had a wrestler lost his mask, but another wrestler had also shown how well he could use his brain.