Shocker becomes the 1000% Guapo in the strangest match!

Shocker becomes the 1000% Guapo in the strangest match!

Shocker becomes the 1000% Guapo in the strangest match!

It was september 24 of 1999. 4 Wrestlers were on the 66 aniversary of the CMLL. The match was a mask vs. mask match, meaning that all four wrestlers had to put their masks on the line. Whoever it was not a single match. The rules were simple. 2 tags would battle. The firs tag team to defeat the rivals would be free to go. But the loosing tag team would battle 1v1 and the looser had to take of the mask.

So the match begun with Atlantis and Villano third and in the other team it was Shocker and Mr. Niebla. Many people had questions because atlantis and villano were not friends and were rivals, the same with Shocker and Mr niebla. That was the appeal of this match. They had to work as a team to protect their masks.

Atlantis vs Shocker vs Mr. Niebla vs Villano III M vs M p.1 - YouTube

The match begun and the teams were quite close to win against each other. Shocker had it with atlantis and he was hitting him on any chance he had, even outside of the ring. Meanwhile Mr.Niebla and Villano were at the center of the ring. 

The match continued and after some grapples Atlantis and el villano submited Mr niebla leving shocker alone against 2 strong rivals that were battling pretty well and coordinated as if they were not rivals. Eventually Atlantis was about to submit shocker but El villano hit him and betrayed, giving shocker the chance to win and submitting Atlantis. 

It was confusing, why would villano and Shocker help each other if it made it harder for him. Well, Shocker was overconfident and Villano easily submitted him. Shocker was fooled to believe he had a chance to villano and with that villano demonstrated that his experience was way better than having only strength.

So the real match begun. Shocker and Mr niebla had lost so now it was a 1vs1 betting the mask. At the beginning shocker was stricking with everything he had. Grapples, Jumping from the ropes, hard hits on Niebla. Everything he had was trown. Mr niebla was defending but clearly he was not doing so much. 

While Shocker was draining his strenght, Mr Niebla was holding for the perfect moment. Shocker got hit by mr niebla a couple of times and maybe because he had used up so much energy trying to finish the match quickly, he began to lose control of the match.

Mr niebla then dominated shocker, he had a special grapple and finally he was free to go with his mask. The king of the guaguanco didn't loose his mask. Shocker was defeated. Maybe it was because he trusted too much on his rival, maybe it was his mind telling him that he had to finish quickly, it could be both but his mask had to be taken off.

Shocker respectfully took off his mask and gave it to the winner, Mr. Niebla. He then proceeded to Cheer MR Niebla up and got the mic to say the words that started the legend. He just said " I Have lots my maks, but I am still the most handsome. The public cheered him and in fact people loved him after he lots his mask. 

When shocker moved to a different wrestling company he got his words back of being handsome and he started a movement with other wrestlers were the self esteem was so high that the team of the "Guapos" was born. 

Still after taking the mask of shocker, MR Niebla and Shocker became very good friends. Sure on the ring they would be rivals but outside of it they were close friends. Mr.Niebla passed away on 2019. The CMLL had a special event to honor Mr. Niebla one last time, to which Shocker was invited. Even after 20 years of figthing without a mask, shocker put his mask on to honorate his rival and friend.

Shocker became very famous after he lost his mask and he also had a youtube channel were he created Lucha Libre content. one of his best videos is a split interview with Mr. Niebla, where you can see how close they were and how much they enjoyed working together.

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